A Lightweight Modular 12-DOF Print-and-Fold Hexapod

This project focuses on the design, fabrication and operation of a hexapod fabricated using a combination of printing and folding flat sheets of polyester. The polyester sheets are cut and engraved with crease patterns which are then manually folded to create 3D functional modules, inspired by the Japanese art of Origami. These modules, when connected, form a hexapod with 2 degrees of freedom per leg. We created this print-and-fold hexapod as a miniature version of a commercially available platform, to which we compare several performance metrics; weight, walking speed, and longevity. Our printed hexapod weights 206.3 g, can walk at speeds of up to 25.4 cm/sec and can be assembled within 7 hours. Using a custom printed circuit board, we can control the locomotion of the hexapod using a variety of walking gaits, and we enableĀ path tracking. The next steps include enabling the platform to perform climbing behaviors with the future goal of enabling multiple print-and-fold robots to form structures with their bodies.